The Black Watchmen gets funded on Kickstarter

September 24, 2014 –  We are proud to announce the successful financing of our game The Black Watchmen. Thanks to our dedicated community, we were able to raise over $42 000 for our Alternate Reality Game project, The Black Watchmen. On top of Kickstarter, the online game distributions giant Steam announced that it would publish the Black Watchmen under its Greenlight banner.

“It is a first in our industry, where a component of a marketing activity reaches the level of popularity needed to turn it into a complete game. Our community will allow us to make it a unique project; it’s so inspiring!” – Nathalie Lacoste, founder of Alice & Smith

The first season of the game will be released in 2015, and it will be possible to join The Black Watchmen ranks via Mac, PC and Steam.

The Black Watchmen was created as part of the marketing campaign for the launch of The Secret World game by the Norwegian editor Funcom. It is now a complete transmedia franchise including a Persistent Alternate Reality Game (PARG) coupled with a comic book published in French and in English by Num Editeur, based in Quebec.