PROFIT W100: Nathalie Lacoste named on the Canadian Business Women List

September 18, 2014 – Alice & Smith is proud to announce the nomination of its founder, Nathalie Lacoste, to Profit Magazine’s list of business women running the most profitable businesses in Canada.

“Being an entrepreneur means having the determination to believe in a project to the point of risking everything. Being recognized by PROFIT 500 Magazine and Chatelaine is a great source of motivation.”

With a diploma in Art History, Nathalie founded its first business in 2002 where she provided services to clients such as Desjardins, Talvest, CIBC, Tourisme Montreal and Gaz Metropolitain. After selling this company, she founded Human Equation in 2006 which reached successively the 107th and this year the 49th rank of PROFIT 500’s ranking of fastest growing businesses.

“I am especially proud to receive the prize this year, because, for me, it represents the highlight of many wonderful years of business success on top of starting my new business project. After almost 8 years as co-founder and president of Human Equation, I am starting a new business called Alice & Smith which specializes in the emerging market of brand content and gamification.”

Nathalie Lacoste sold her shares in Human Equation and passed the torch to Marc-André Garand, a Marketing veteran, in June. Alice & Smith is starting with one success under its belt for its The Black Watchmen project, an ARG, launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

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